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Building a Support System During Pregnancy


The news of a little one on the way can signal excitement about birth announcements, nursery themes, and your family’s future. While these all have their place and can be a lot of fun to prepare, we encourage you to consider the importance of building a support system during your pregnancy. However helpful family and friends can be, they seldom offer everything you need during this time. This is a time to foster the health of your mind, body and soul.

Physical Support

You are undertaking a major physical feat— growing a beautiful baby (or babies)! During these ten months, don’t let exercise and activity fall to the wayside in the face of physical changes and fatigue. Not only does exercise reduce stress and boost endorphins, but it can also prepare your body for the physical act of labor. After all, birth is an endurance activity. Make it a point to take a minimum of a ten-minute each day or seek out prenatal fitness classes in the community to keep moving. If you’re physically uncomfortable, a pregnancy chiropractor can offer relief.

Consider Working with a Pregnancy Chiropractor


One of the biggest draws for chiropractic adjustments is that they provide pain relief, which can make your ten months significantly more comfortable. No, we can’t keep your baby from kicking your bladder or ribs, but we can offer physical adjustments that will relieve joint and muscle tension. Look for a Webster-certified pregnancy chiropractor in the St. Petersburg area to optimize your pre- and postnatal experience. Relief from pain is incredibly valuable but the benefits of chiropractic care don’t stop there. At Happy Healthy Spine, we specialize in assisting you as your body changes. Our pregnancy chiropractor can help with:

  • Creating space to allow the baby to get in the best position 
  • Potentially improving birth outcome
  • Correcting misalignments
  • Balancing pelvic muscles and ligaments
  • Boosting immune function
  • Specific stretches for client needs
  • Addressing unwanted symptoms
  • Improving posture
  • Improving overall function
  • And more!

Our staff has a wealth of information and local contacts for midwives, massage therapy, doulas, support groups, and more. We can direct you to resources that meet your precise needs! Also, when you work with our pregnancy chiropractor, you pave the path for optimizing your postpartum recovery.

Social Support

Just as our bodies require attention, so do our minds and relationships. It can be valuable to connect with other pregnant individuals during this time. After all, they’re “in the trenches” with you! Look into birth education classes, community offerings for prenatal exercise classes or online groups (if that’s your style.) This can be an exciting season, and it can also feel overwhelming for some. Taking time to share what’s on your mind and connecting with others can help calm your nerves.

Labor Support

Birth is a momentous time, and it is important to have a team that will support and meet your needs. Some people opt to keep this family-only and others incorporate professional doulas, hypnobirthing specialists or chiropractic professionals. Pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. Shannon Whitlock offers house calls; chiropractic adjustments can help align the pelvis during labor and help with pain relief.

Contact Happy Healthy Spine!

Whether you are trying to optimize your chances of becoming pregnant or 36 weeks along with the discovery of breech positioning, our staff can help you! At our chiropractic facility in St. Petersburg, you’ll find caring staff members who take an interest in your health and also you and your family’s well-being.

Dr. Shannon Whitlock loves working with families as they grow. In addition to prenatal assistance, we offer chiropractic services for adults and children, so the needs of your family can all be met in one place! Call 727-767-0564 to learn more about our pregnancy chiropractor or to schedule an appointment!

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