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Happy Healthy Spine offers prenatal chiropractic care to pregnant women in St. Petersburg. Maybe you’re seeking drug-free pain relief during the ten-month process. It’s possible your midwife suggested you locate a Webster certified chiropractor. Or perhaps, you want to help your baby move into an optimal position for birth. Whatever the circumstances, Dr. Shannon Whitlock can assist by addressing your concerns and promoting overall wellness.

Benefits of Working With a Pregnancy Chiropractor

Our pregnancy chiropractor in St. Petersburg has expertise and additional training in the care of pregnant women and children, and she is dedicated to improving quality of life for both mama and baby. Some benefits of prenatal chiropractic care include:

  • Achieve pain relief
  • Relief for other pregnancy symptoms
  • Improved immune function for both mom and baby
  • Potential for smoother, faster labor and birth
  • Better positioning for the baby
  • Resources and advice

Discomfort and back pain are all too common during pregnancy. Hormones and your growing baby alter your posture and the curvature of your spine. Without a specialist, it’s difficult to maintain the intended curve of the spine, and pain relief might feel like it’s out of reach. The same goes for other symptoms like nausea, round ligament tightness, heartburn, disrupted sleep, and more. How you feel affects your child, and our staff in St. Petersburg can help you feel more comfortable as your body changes over the ten-month process.

During a time filled with change, it is important that you feel supported. Along with prenatal chiropractic care, Dr. Shannon Whitlock offers input on pregnancy wellness and has close working relationships with obstetricians, midwives, doulas, pediatricians, and other professionals throughout the Tampa Bay area. From physical benefits to advice and local resources, our staff in St. Petersburg supports you!

What To Expect at Your First Appointment

Not everyone in the Tampa Bay area is familiar with what prenatal chiropractic care involves. Carrying a little one can make you feel more vulnerable, and trying something new can be intimidating. From the front desk to suggestions on follow through, we aim to make you feel welcome. So, when you arrive at Happy Healthy Spine, you can count on a friendly greeting and a play area for kids. We’ll ask for some basic patient information to create your account so that the sign-in process is seamless in the future.

When you look around the office in St. Petersburg, you’ll see testimonies of women who have benefitted from prenatal chiropractic care along with photos of children that we treat, as well. Whether you’re reading a testimony about a fast labor and birth, watching a child play with a toy clicker or are observing an interaction between Dr. Shannon and another patient, you’re sure to witness smiling faces, comfort, and ease!

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After setting up your patient account, our pregnancy chiropractor will facilitate the appointment. You’ll discuss health history, current symptoms, and more. She will also assess the body for misalignments and muscle tightness before applying adjustments. We utilize support cushions to accommodate your ever-growing belly, so both you and baby stay comfortable and safe. Applications are done manually, either by hand or with the aid of adjustment tools. You’ll be informed on what’s involved before the practitioner moves forward. We encourage clients to voice their questions and concerns because we want you to feel comfortable receiving prenatal chiropractic care in St. Petersburg. Before you leave, we will help you schedule a follow-up appointment. Frequency is often based on details like your specific symptoms, how many weeks gestation you are, and wellness goals.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care at Happy Healthy Spine

The staff at Happy Healthy Spine is here to help pregnant women in the Tampa Bay area. Our pregnancy and pediatric chiropractor is Webster certified, and her extra training targets improving the quality of life for expectant mothers and children. With our assistance, you can achieve pain relief and reduce unwanted symptoms while improving immunity and promoting a better position for the baby. We can also offer input and advice, whether it’s stretches for tight hips, suggesting a safe fitness class or sharing about local doulas. By working together during the pregnancy, it will be that much easier to bring your little one in for their first adjustments after the birth. For more information, call our St. Petersburg office to schedule a prenatal chiropractic care appointment, call 727-767-0564.

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