Adult Chiropractic Care

Adult chiropractic care can help you move in the direction of feeling your best. At every age and whatever stage of life, health and wellness are a worthwhile investment. You might be seeking pain relief for a particular muscle or joint. Maybe you suffer from stiffness after a slip and fall in St. Petersburg. Or, perhaps, you have chronic headaches. Whatever the case, these complications interfere with your ability to enjoy day to day life. Instead of enduring the aches and strains, consider natural treatment options like chiropractic adjustments.


Signs You May Need Chiropractic Care

With so many options for healthcare, it can be difficult to determine where to go and what to do. With so much information, you might have a hard time knowing whether or not you’re a candidate for adult chiropractic care. We suggest you start with your body and observe what’s happening there. All people experience misalignments in the body, no matter their age. Arguably, everyone n St. Petersburg is a candidate for this treatment. But if you’re looking for specific signs, our chiropractor can highlight symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, like:

Muscle Spasms or Tightness

It’s considered normal to experience tightness for a few days after concerted activity, like a lengthy bike ride or carrying boxes into your friend’s new apartment in downtown St. Petersburg. But you should be concerned by severe tightness or spasm that won’t go away. Think— inability to turn your head from side to side, raise your arms above shoulder height or move with ease. A chiropractor that offers adult chiropractic care can help you identify the issue if there is a deeper problem going on. More importantly, they can help you correct these underlying complications.

Persistent Pain

It is all too common for people to accept discomfort as a way of life. Problems get ignored and expected to go away, but misalignments don’t disappear with time. They require chiropractic intervention. Patients may seek adult chiropractic care for discomfort in the neck and shoulders, the back, muscles, joints, and migraine headaches. Whether it’s an old injury or a newly acquired ache after tripping unexpectedly in downtown St. Petersburg, some individuals mask the symptoms with anti-inflammatory medication or claim to get used to it. While this offers temporary relief, it doesn’t target the issue. It is likely that pain will eventually escalate and what could have been corrected early on has grown into a bigger problem. Over time, misalignments affect your vitality, immunity, and, not surprisingly, your quality of life. Make your health a priority and consider how adult chiropractic care can improve your day to day life in St. Petersburg.

Indications of Weakness

Pay attention to any prolonged indications of weakness in the body like reduced strength of grip or having to work extra hard to stand up from a seated position. In some, this might be caused by ongoing inflammation or, perhaps, pressure is placed on a particular nerve. Maybe one too many dishes have slipped from your hands while emptying the dishwasher. Or, perhaps, your grip on the gear shift isn’t as firm as you remember it being. Instead of ignoring these indicators of weakness, consider teaming with our chiropractor help you reclaim a sense of strength and self-awareness in the body.

Lifestyle and Ergonomic Habits

The body is made to move but modern professions and lifestyles don’t always allow for much movement. Between long commutes, desk jobs, repeated physical labor and modern technology, we aren’t always doing what’s best for our bodies in St. Petersburg. Since it isn’t realistic to switch jobs or shorten commutes overnight, consider the difference adult chiropractic care makes. They can assist you with the daily impacts of using a Smartphone, working on a computer, sitting or standing throughout most of your day, completing repetitive tasks, poor posture, and more. While these may not seem particularly concerning, their effects became greater with repetition and without professional intervention.  

Let Our Adult Chiropractor Help

Are you looking for a chiropractor in the Tampa Bay area? Look no further than Happy Healthy Spine! Dr. Shannon Whitlock, offers adult chiropractic care to help individuals:

  • Relieve their pain
  • Correct misalignments
  • Improve their posture
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • And more

Our staff works with a variety of ages and life stages, so contact our office to discuss your health concerns or wellness goals. We delight in helping meet your individual needs, whether it’s eliminating chronic pain, improving range of motion or raising energy levels. Call our St. Petersburg office today at 727-767-0564 to learn more or schedule an appointment.  

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