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Probiotic Benefits

‘Good bacteria’ might sound like an oxymoron but it’s the truth— there are living microorganisms that can help your overall health, particularly your gut and your digestive system. Though there is a lot more information about the human microbiome than we can fit into a single post, the gist is this— it “ is essential for human development, immunity and nutrition.” 

Why Introduce Probiotics?

These living microorganisms help to regulate overall health. Not unlike chiropractic care and adjustments for the nervous system, probiotics particularly help regulate digestive health and overall immunity. Gut health can be compromised by genetics, viruses or necessary rounds of antibiotics, among other things, which is why it’s important to incorporate these microorganisms into your daily diet or supplement routine. Not everyone in St. Petersburg enjoys the flavor or texture of foods with naturally occurring probiotics, so a capsule or chewable might be the most realistic way to introduce a variety of helpful cultures on a regular basis. While there are benefits for most anyone, we are going to look at the following individuals:  

Prenatal Patients

Long before birth, the infant microbiome begins to develop, and probiotic supplementation can influence both the prenatal patient and her child or children. During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system can become compromised due to the body’s focus on the developing baby or babies, so a probiotic can be used to help boost immune function. It can also help the pregnant woman’s digestive system work more effectively, which can improve symptoms of acid reflux, constipation, or diarrhea. Our pregnancy chiropractor in St. Petersburg can share more information about how to choose a safe and effective product to pair with your prenatal vitamins. 


Lactating Women

Intake during both pregnancy and postpartum while breastfeeding can influence infant health. There is evidence that supplementation with microorganisms while nursing can influence the development of an infant’s microbiome and boost healthy lactation. A lot of energy goes into the process of lactation. Partner this with interrupted sleep and navigating parenthood, and you might feel depleted or fatigued in St. Petersburg. In short, your immune function may be at risk, making you more vulnerable to illnesses. Goodness knows how challenging it can be to care for little ones when you’re physically well. But doing so while sick can feel like a punishment. Our postpartum chiropractor can help you identify the right product specifically for its short and long term breastfeeding/lactation benefits as well as in assisting in boosting your immunity. 

Pediatric Population

However healthy your children are, sniffles and sickness can happen. Sometimes a necessary round of antibiotics can affect the ratio of desirable bacteria in the gut. Probiotic supplements can be used to reboot the body’s good living microorganisms. Even if your child hasn’t been introduced to antibiotics in St. Petersburg, these supplements help add beneficial microorganisms to pre-existing ones. Along with stronger immunity and improved gut health, your children stand to gain a lot by taking a probiotic. They may find relief for diarrhea, constipation, IBS and acid reflux, among other unwanted symptoms. Our chiropractor in St. Petersburg finds that chewables are particularly popular with pediatric patients! She also carries an infant probiotic that mixes great with formula or breastmilk. 

Our Chiropractor Offers High Quality Probiotics

Are you looking for a safe and effective probiotic? At Happy Healthy Spine, we offer products for children, adults, prenatal patients, and women who are breastfeeding. We carry supplements by Klaire Labs Ⓡ, like Target b2™, Target gb-X™, Ther-BioticⓇ Women’s Formula, chewables for children, infant probiotics and more. Dr. Shannon Whitlock is a Webster certified chiropractor who specializes in treating adults, children, and pregnant or postpartum patients. Call 727-767-0564 to schedule an appointment in St. Petersburg or learn more about our services. 


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