Pregnancy Chiropractor

Our pregnancy chiropractor in St. Petersburg can help you if you’re preparing to conceive, currently pregnant or postpartum. Whether you’re a first-time parent or you have children already, choose Webster certified practitioner, Dr. Shannon Whitlock. She’ll help you learn how to navigate physical changes before giving birth, assist with pain relief, and optimize your recovery experience.


Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

When you invest in your spinal health, you create a strong foundation for overall family wellness. While it is ideal to begin prenatal chiropractic care prior to conception, it isn’t essential to work with us. We want you to feel your best, so the staff at Happy Healthy Spine in St. Petersburg welcomes every stage of the process. Our pregnancy chiropractor can assist with:

  • Pain relief
  • Postural improvement
  • Prevention of unwanted symptoms
  • Baby positioning
  • Ongoing care postpartum for mother and baby
  • Client’s specific needs

The benefits of prenatal chiropractic care are many, and they apply at varying stages. Sometimes, the transformations involved in carrying a baby can make it seem like your definition of ‘normal’ is always changing. Our pregnancy chiropractor can help you feel your best during this transitional time so that you are in a position to tend to both yourself and your growing family.

What To Expect at Happy Healthy Spine

At Happy Healthy Spine in St. Petersburg, you can count on exceptional service at a location where you always feel welcome. If you are new to this type of spinal treatment or unfamiliar with the process, pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. Shannon Whitlock, will explain and instruct to help you understand. Since each appointment differs, we cannot tell you exactly what to expect but prenatal chiropractic care will often involve a discussion about symptoms, manual adjustments, and the application of mechanical tools.

Resolve Pain and Prevent Unwanted Symptoms

It’s common to get future-focused during the preparatory stages in St. Petersburg— baby showers, maternity photo shoots, birth plans and lining up daycare services are likely on your mind, among other things. But choosing Dr. Shannon Whitlock for prenatal chiropractic care is a step toward resolving pain and preventing unwanted symptoms like an aching back or tight hips.

After all, if you have back soreness or cramping leg muscles, it is significantly more difficult to tend to your self-care. Not only are these physical manifestations distracting, but spinal misalignments won’t resolve themselves no matter how much you rest the body. You might be tempted to overlook prenatal chiropractic care, but strain and tightness will interfere with your work day and home life.

You might opt for the convenience of ordering takeout instead of preparing a nutritious dinner, and you’re more likely to skip your evening walk to avoid additional achiness. These short-term solutions will not serve you over the nine months of nesting nor will they contribute to the foundation of family wellness you aim to create once the baby is born. A few skipped walks can eventually translate to difficulty picking up your newborn or playing with your toddler at the park. Instead of risking spinal damage and missing out on memory making, let our pregnancy chiropractor in St. Petersburg help resolve and prevent unwanted symptoms while you focus on what’s important: your family.

Customized Care For Your Ever-Changing Body

If there is one thing you can count on during your thirty-nine weeks, it’s that your body is going to feel different every single day. Between shifts in mood, possible joint pain, and the ever-loosening pelvis, your needs will also differ. Pregnant women experience a range of symptoms and no two bodies are alike; so, it makes sense that you need a health professional who will meet you where you’re at every time you come in. It’s important to listen to what your body is telling you, so it is equally important to work with a pregnancy chiropractor in St. Petersburg who will ask questions and pay attention to the answers. At Happy Healthy Spine, we take the time to listen to what our clients are experiencing and assess the spine to apply adjustments accordingly. We record this data, as well, which helps us track misalignments and provide individualized treatment.

Family-friendly Office Environment

Not only will you receive expert prenatal chiropractic care, but our staff also takes the time to get to know you and your family. The play area in our St. Petersburg waiting room offers entertainment for your little ones, and we understand that kids are fussy sometimes, whether it’s a newborn with an ear infection or a toddler who missed their nap. Our pregnancy chiropractor is professional, adaptable, and willing to include everyone at the appointment.

Happy Healthy Spine in St. Petersburg

By working with a Webster certified practitioner in St. Petersburg, you can tend to the individual needs of your body and your baby. Prenatal chiropractic care helps you to move through your day without pain and take better care of yourself without the distraction of unwanted symptoms. Our pregnancy chiropractor offers education and pain relief, whether you aim to stay active during the nine months of nesting or are trying to keep up with your little one postpartum. We delight in watching families grow and will help every member reach their wellness goals!

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