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Guest Blogger: Belinda Wager, Massage Therapist

Pregnancy is a badge of honor for many of us women. With it comes all the aches and pains we feel as our body changes to accommodate our new precious gift. Women do not have to carry the burdens of pain for nine months.

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Experience Pregnancy Without Unnecessary Pain

There is relief and it is possible to go through your pregnancy virtually pain free. Chiropractic, prenatal massage, and acupuncture are great ways to alleviate pain as your body expands. As a prenatal massage therapist I can help with anything from sciatic pain to pressure points to help induce labor after your due date. Women who received massage therapy had lower levels of cortisol which helps lower the risk of premature birth. Their labors also lasted an average of three hours shorter! (research from The Touch Institute) Massage therapy helps with relaxation, reducing muscle tension, and feeling great. It helps lower depression and baby blues, making it easier to navigate the waters of motherhood.

Postnatal and Postpartum Services

I also work closely with women in St. Petersburg during their postnatal phase. Mother warming is a massage you will experience after giving birth. I’ve seen mothers as soon as three days after delivery. You will be anointed with essential oils on the belly and I will use a long wrap to bind the belly. This will help your organs go back to their natural state, the abdominal muscles coming back together, and help the uterus shrink back down. As you are wrapped, we will do shoulder and leg massage, as well as acupuncture pressure points for the uterus. After the bind is removed, you will receive work on your back.

Mother warming is an ancient tradition in many countries, and I want to bring that to mothers of St. Petersburg. We don’t have to believe the stereotype that we must experience 40 weeks of pain to have a child. Massage therapy is not known just as a spa day anymore— there is real research to back up how much it helps mind and body. We as mothers are able to feel supported, strong, and nourished. We must fill our cups so we have overflow to give our new family.

Pregnancy Massage at Happy Healthy Spine

Belinda Wager specializes as a pre and post natal massage therapist at Happy Healthy Spine and Thank You Mama, both in St. Petersburg. She is also available by request for in home therapy.

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