Cold and flu Wellness

How To Survive Cold and Flu Season

The weather is mild during the winter months in St. Petersburg, so it can easy to overlook seasonal illnesses and chiropractic for wellness. In the face of sunny skies, less rain, and lower humidity, it’s difficult to picture getting a cold. But every year, our chiropractor works with patients to combat seasonal sickness. While every patient is different, we have some baseline input for surviving this winter.


The tips for prevention are healthy and helpful whether it’s flu season or not. This advice probably isn’t new either. But it’s well known for a reason. We suggest:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Washing your hands well and often
  • Avoiding people who are or were recently sick
  • Teaming with a chiropractor

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding germs is wise, so wash your hands thoroughly and delay plans with your coworker if you notice they’ve been coughing or sniffling. Another preventative measure is working receiving chiropractic for wellness in St. Petersburg. Let’s dive into that further.

Consult With a Wellness Chiropractor

Misalignments of the spine will impact your immune system, which is the first line of defense when fighting an infection. When it isn’t operating correctly, you could fall prey to a cold or the flu. Chiropractic for wellness is an excellent preventative method for individuals in St. Petersburg. It can also be used to alleviate symptoms, particularly congestion and lymphatic flow (think: swollen glands.) By working with a chiropractor, you can maintain alignment and correct subluxations on a regular basis. While this does not mean you won’t contract the flu, it does make you significantly less vulnerable to it.   

Prioritize Self-Care

This tip could qualify as prevention, but self-care is a valuable and ongoing effort. Our chiropractor suggests that you get adequate rest (and extra if you’re feeling worn out or an illness is traveling around the office.) Nourish your body with simple and nutritious foods, and drink plenty of water. Keeping stress levels low also makes you less vulnerable to infection, so tap into what is relaxing for you, whether it’s watching the Lightning play, walking along the Bay in Vinoy Park, receiving chiropractic for wellness or reading a book at home in St. Petersburg.


Choose Our Wellness Chiropractor

It is all too common for individuals to downplay unwanted symptoms in the face of an illness. It can be especially tricky here in Florida where it isn’t always easy to determine whether you’re ill or affected by allergies. Chiropractic for wellness can help optimize your health and prevent unwanted illnesses this winter. You can schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member at our St. Petersburg office by calling 727-767-0564 today!

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