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3 Perks of Working with a Pregnancy Chiropractor

Pregnant women in St. Petersburg may not be familiar with the benefits of working with a pregnancy chiropractor, but there are many. Here are some of the primary perks this natural wellness practice has to offer.

pregnancy chiropractor-happy-healthy-spine-st-petersburg1. Targeted, Natural Pain Relief

Discomforts are all too common for pregnant women. So much so, that some might believe that being uncomfortable is something to endure without assistance. Many women have pain in the:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Joints

Ibuprofen may mask the symptoms for a short time but the aches and strains will return once the medicine’s effects fade. If relied on for too long, you might even build a tolerance to the medication, requiring you to take more as time goes by. Instead of enduring these aches and strains, consider the benefits of working with a practitioner in St. Petersburg who targets the cause of your discomforts. A pregnancy chiropractor addresses both alignment and balance in musculoskeletal structures of the pelvis. Not only do you receive targeted, natural pain relief; but the care you receive changes along with your body throughout the 10-months of gestation.

2. Individualized Input

You don’t need us to comment on the changes that pregnant women encounter but we can speak to the importance of individualized input from a pregnancy chiropractor. While there are similarities among the masses, like hip and back discomfort, we believe that every patient is unique and we treat you as such. Your health history, past pregnancies, lifestyle, and more contribute to what you experience. In fact, your symptoms are likely to vary from one pregnancy to the next. With so much unpredictability, it makes sense to establish a relationship with a practitioner you trust. At our facility in St. Petersburg, we take the time to listen to what’s going on and assess the body for misalignments.   

3. Impact on the Birth Experience

Whether you’re aiming to give birth in a hospital or at home in St. Petersburg, working with Happy Healthy Spine will impact your experience. Many women under regular prenatal chiropractic care have shorter labor and delivery times. Some note a decreased need for medical interventions. Others celebrate the reduced risk of a breech presentation. Correcting misalignments is a large part of this, and proper alignment of the pelvis often helps mama have both an easier pregnancy and birth experience. This is a perk of working with a pregnancy chiropractor that can’t be overlooked!

Choose Our Pregnancy Chiropractor

At Happy Healthy Spine in St. Petersburg, we offer wellness, pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care. Whether you are preparing to conceive or anxious about the current presentation of your baby at 35 weeks, Dr. Shannon Whitlock will meet you exactly where you’re at. To learn more about our pregnancy chiropractor or make an appointment, call 727-767-0564 today!

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