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3 Signs You Need Adult Chiropractic Care

Over the years, patients throughout Tampa Bay have expressed that they wish they would have sought adult chiropractic care sooner. Whether they didn’t address the issue early on or were using over-the-counter or prescription pills to mask discomfort, the discovery of drug-free pain relief was illuminating. It’s our goal to help potential clients get assistance sooner so you can reduce suffering and achieve optimal wellness. Instead of leaving the guesswork to you, here are some indications that you should seek professional assistance:

Muscle Spasms

Spasms are involuntary contractions and often feel painful, and it is crucial that you don’t ignore this symptom. Some individuals think that if they don’t repeat the activity that triggered the spasm, they can avoid recurrence. While it’s wise to scale back, you cannot limit motion entirely, be it prolonged sitting, involuntary sneezing or the day-to-day movements. Dr. Shannon Whitlock offers adult chiropractic care to the Tampa Bay area and can address the root of the issue and help you experience relief.

Chronic Tightness

Spasms can seem more disruptive than tightness but chronic stiffness is problematic too. It’s common to feel tight after certain activities like sitting at a desk during the work week, cycling on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, weeding in the garden, or carrying one too many grocery bags into your condo at a time. A couple of days is typical, but chronic stiffness is a sign that you need professional assistance.   


Dr. Shannon Whitlock works with patients in and around Tampa Bay who have lived with unwanted symptoms for far too long. What we want our clients to understand is that pain is not something to endure but something that can be overcome with adult chiropractic care. The problem is, it is all too common to turn to over the counter or prescription pills for relief. Sure, these pills reduce the achiness and soreness for a time but they are not a long term solution nor do they get to the root cause.  

Let an Adult Chiropractor Help

Take the first step toward feeling better by calling Happy Healthy Spine. Dr. Shannon Whitlock applies adult chiropractic care to a range of clients in and around Tampa Bay to:

  • Reduce suffering
  • Promote pain relief
  • Improve range of motion
  • Address unwanted symptoms
  • Assist with wellness goals
  • And more!

Our goal is to help you alleviate tension, improve mobility, and lessen physical and mental stress. We serve a wide variety of ages and needs, including but not limited to pregnant and pediatric clients, as well as the partners or parents of these individuals. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today at 727-767-0564.

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