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4 Ways to Prioritize Wellness During the Holidays

Holidays in the Tampa Bay area can be a season filled with fun and connection but they can also be stressful. Our wellness chiropractor is dedicated to helping clients maintain their spinal health which means looking at the whole picture: nourishment, lifestyle, relationships, routine and more. Read on for ideas about how to prioritize healthy practices during the holidays.   

Get Sunshine

There is a noticeable lack of sunshine throughout the winter months. For those staying in Florida, we encourage you to make time to get outside in the sun. This does not have to be a whole day at the beach— think: taking a walk midday during your lunch break. It’s manageable and something you can do on a near-daily basis. Without regular sun exposure, (even in sunny Tampa Bay) you’re less likely to get the vitamin D you need, which can lead to compromised immunity.

Maintain Wellness Practices

It’s common to feel like your schedule goes awry during the holidays. You may be hosting relatives or traveling to see dear friends. Whatever the case, our wellness chiropractor urges you to prioritize your wellness practices. If you’re staying local:

  • Maintain your exercise routine
  • Talk to someone you trust about stress
  • Keep appointments with your wellness chiropractor
  • Plan balanced meals to offset excess sugar
  • Schedule alone time, if needed
  • Keep a regular bedtime

Family members might pressure you to spend the day with them in Tampa Bay but this investment in self-care goes a long way in feeling well throughout the winter.

Travel can also complicate your routine, but we encourage you to think ahead and set time aside for activity, like daily stretching, taking the stairs instead of the hotel elevator or locating a gym where you can move and sweat. Not only is it difficult to bundle up and go somewhere unfamiliar, but your relatives might even jibe that you’d rather go to the gym than be with them. Hold fast to what you know feels right and invite them to join you. They might choose to sleep in or they might surprise you. Either way, it’s an opportunity to teach others that health is a worthwhile priority at all times! We acknowledge that traveling does make it harder to see your wellness chiropractor or massage therapist, but you can prioritize your wellness by setting appointments for when you return to help you resume your routine quickly.

Be Mindful of What’s on Your Plate or in Your Cup

From family events and end of year work parties in Tampa Bay to cookie exchanges and gifts from neighbors, added sugars are hard to avoid during winter celebrations. Often, there are foods and drinks you rarely encounter but these choices place stress on the digestive system and impact how you feel. Our wellness chiropractor suggests filling your plate with balanced options (heavy on the veggies and hummus!), and setting limits on sweets and alcohol which are notoriously heavy in excess sugars. That way, you can still participate in the holiday fun without suffering the sluggish aftermath of unthoughtful eating.  

Set Relationship Boundaries

Just as our posture and lifestyle choices impact our spinal health, so does our emotional state. It’s important to be mindful of relationship dynamics during this busy season. Whether it’s with your family, in the workplace or with friends, the emphasis on together time or cutting loose can impact your emotional health. Before visitors arrive or attending events, reflect on history, as well as what you need that day. It might feel uncomfortable, at first, but keeping close to your usual bedtime or telling a relative that they need to find a hotel in Tampa Bay (or finding one yourself, if you’re the visitor) can help minimize stress and keep a clear head.    

Consult With Our Wellness Chiropractor

If the holidays have you feeling stressed in Tampa Bay, make it a point to discuss this with our wellness chiropractor. Dr. Shannon Whitlock helps clients identify and maintain their health goals. Call 727-767-0564 to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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